3 month old Dean I NYC Best Baby Holiday Photographer

Babies between 1-3 months are quite difficult to photograph. They aren’t extremely expressive yet. They are practicing their social smiles, which can come at the most unexpected moments ( like smiling at a window for example). They can’t roll and generally tummy time is a workout so their faces aren’t quite relaxed. After all it’s not easy holding this heavy head up. They also don’t curl up yet to grab their toes. The job gets easier when you have parents interacting with the baby. It is the perfect time to capture kisses, hugs and all the cute, squishy things we do with our tiny babies. But what do we do when parents don’t want to be in the pictures or want just one? Little Dean was the perfect baby model – he did everything we could have asked He gave us tummy time, expressions and family portraits 🙂


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