Little New York Photography Studio is the biggest photography studio, dedicated to working with newborns in NYC.

The loft is 1000 sq ft space adjusted to working with children of all ages. It includes many features designed for working with our youngest clients, newborn babies.

Our comfortable seating arrangements, changing table and sunny open space make our sessions a pleasant experience for new families.

We have many props and multiple setups rotated regularily to keep our portraits modern and customized.

it's a magical place, where dreams come true

Little New York Photography Studio is located 5 blocks outside the 59th St bridge in the heart of Long Island City.

The loft inside Salamandre Silks building is an adventurous destination. Its industrial historical design and modern upgrade for commercial use, make it a perfect fit for a photography studio.

20 ft tall ceilings and huge sunny windows allow for maximum natural soft light use. Perfect for working with children on the go.

Studio can be easily accessed from local subway - the 39th St or 36th St subway line N or W. It's also an easy drive from Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan. Please use our address and gps naviagation.

3724 24th St #209

Long Island City, NY 11101