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Gorgeous new family { NYC, Manhattan, Newborn Photographer }

I don’t know what it is but all the moms that turn to me lately for newborn pictures are just STUNNING. And they all look like they cam out of beauty salon and not hospital! It just shocks me how perfect and rested can a woman look with a baby under 10 days. Please tell me what’s the secret?





and beautiful parents make beautiful babies:)





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Colorful maternity session { NYC, NY, NJ maternity photographer }

This expecting mommy has only a week left – we did her session about a month ago but I don’t think she changes at all. She’s just a stunning woman with a little ball-like belly that doesn’t seem to stop her from anything – she’s active, up and running. Want a proof? She sported out on the day of the hurricane and modeled for us during workshops with Andrea Joki from Ajaton Joki Portraits. Not only was it raining, but the mosquitoes were eating everyone alive. Images from the workshop are soon to follow and until then here are some of the playful ones I took of her and her daughter.






Can you tell that the little one was a little shy?






Andrea joki - September 19, 2011 - 5:41 PM

Wow, you ROCKED this session!!

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Big changes coming soon to Little New York Photography { NYC, NY, NJ Maternity Photographer}

I can’t wait to share this with you. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about who I am as an artist and who my clients are. Most of you are wonderful families, full of love, happiness, emotions and feelings for each other…. I want to bring it out!!! Working in the past year made me realize that most of the moms and dads are really drawn to portraits that express those feelings they have for one another and I too am in love seeing those short moments. I thought about how could I deliver portraits that were more spiritual and connected to who my clients ( and most of you become friends ) really are!! How could I make people who are usually a little nervous, more relaxed and let their feelings just fly….. I took it from the beginning and through about my own Alex and my connection with him. Truth is I love him more than life and when I’m home with him I usually tickle him to death, or kiss him like a maniac or other mommy stuff….. when I take pictures of him though I just plop him here or there and tell him what to do which automatically shots the emotions out. It becomes technical and the connection is lost. And that’s when it hit me….. it’s the same with all families. As soon as I get behind the camera the connection can be lost… so what can I do about it?

And here’s the news! I will be working on the emotions with you my dear families – we won’t be smiling at the camera much, but at yourselves. You will be loving each other the way you love yourself on a regular day when you’re tickling your child or doing your monkey business with your family and I will just be there to capture it. Our locations will be more emotional and the portraits will be delivered more dreamy…..

I will also try to adjust the website and the blog to those style changes, but with all the honesty  you my dears will still be you – I will just adjust they way I see you as a family and the love you have in you.

Here’s a little example of what I mean! A stunning, excited mommy waiting for her first child!

Man Yee-002.jpg

Man Yee-004.jpg

Man Yee-007.jpg

Man Yee-062.jpg

Man Yee-030.jpg

Man Yee-035.jpg

Man Yee-032.jpg

Man Yee-087.jpg

Man Yee-067.jpg

Man Yee-044.jpg

Man Yee-064.jpg

Man Yee-009.jpg

Shira Zimmerman - July 21, 2011 - 1:58 PM

these are really beautiful!! :)

Lina - September 7, 2011 - 1:25 PM

Good for you for knowing what you are the best at, and giving that to your clients. I love this session, amazing! Beautiful work!

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