Double fun I NYC Baby Holiday Photographer

This family had a bad beginning to our meeting. They traveled from out of town and decided to have their family photos taken at the studio – great idea right? Trouble was that the train announced last stop at a station, which wasn’t theirs and to make matters worse it was in the industrial part of Long Island City, where you can get easily lost between BQe entrance, railway cutting the town in 2 parts and subway overpasses making crossing the street a challenge. Throw into the mix a light rain and a double stroller with 2 14 month olds and subtract elevators and cab ( none in the area). What do you get? We thought the family would come in frazzled and stressed out… nope.

Big smiles on their faces, apologetic for being late and grateful for the experience. Amazing how the right mindset gets the job done. Twinsies were so cute and rolled in a classic 1 year old style – wanting to toddle around, keeping their hands busy and wanting everything other than sitting down together 🙂 To be expected. We ran around putting them back in their places, playing tickles and making the strangest sounds with our mouths that we could think of. We had had dance and jump around just to bring some smiles. Here they are…. lost, tired but with positive attitudes ready for their Christmas cards.



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