How should we prepare for our family session?

Planning a session is very exciting! Every family is unique and has a differet lifestyle – preparing for the session it’s worth taking a minute to describe your family. Are you a romantic type that would love to lay down in a field of grass, or would you rather go out on the streets of NY and incorporate NY scenery? Would you like to get creative and style your family in retro style or maybe just have someone come to your home and capture you in your own environment. The more you describe your family and discuss it with us, the better the results.

Can we bring our dog?

Of course! As long as the park/beach or anywhere that we go allows for it.

What should we wear?

This is very important!!! All family members need to wear co-ordinated outfits. Styling should be planned ahead and discussed with the photographer. Props and locations are matched with the style of clothing you will choose for you family. We love out of ordinary looks!

What should we not wear?

Sneakers and flip flops should stay home. Any clothing with writings, pictures, logos – we will say what needs to be said through our photo – no need to read it 🙂 If you’re wearing transitional lens glasses please take regular ones for the session or use contacts.