What is custom photography?

Custom photography is an experience created just for your family. We begin planning the session long before your scheduled time. We try to get to know each other and come up with ideas that will fit your family and feel natural to you. We create art that will be connected to you and represent your lifestyle. High art products, wall displays are a result of our extensive co-operation and 1:1 attention that chain studios don’t offer. There’s no time limit for your session and no barriers as to what we can come up with. If you’d like to play piano in the middle of the beach, or let your kids have a pillow fight on Fifth Avenue we are here to put this idea to life.

Is the deposit refundable?

No. It is a credit that is prepaid to use towards any collection you select, after your session. It is not refundable if you decide to cancel. We will put your deposit on hold in case of “unexpected family circumstances” for future use.

How do I order my portraits?

You select a package before the session with a certain number of portraits. Pictures selected by Marzena Stergiou go through extensive editing in photoshop and are usually ready in 10-14 days after the session. We will simply ship them to you on a USB stick or you can pick up from the studio. You can also order books, prints or canvas displays at any time – just ask Julie julie@littlenewyorkphotography.com